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Our Philosophy

Our jewelry embodies an array of vintage elements because we want to take our pieces back to an era where jewelry was created for elegance and to be passed down to the next generation. We desire to embody that elegance because after all, nothing is better than making a statement while feeling amazing.


Our philosophy is simple: Make it beautiful, make it practical. We apply these simple words to each piece we create. Practicality is just as important as looking good and we want each piece to not only look amazing, but feel amazing as well. Using engineering, we ensure each piece is sturdy enough to take on the obstacles of the day and also ensure it remains comfortable while you wear it.

Luxurious Materials

We ensure our materials are of the best quality so our jewelry is durable and comfortable. Our selection of materials is what we take pride in because we select materials to be luxurious. We’re working with people who are getting us the good stuff that will last. We use the best quality freshwater pearls, gemstones, turquoise, metals and vintage pieces.

Impeccible Fit

Many designers design their jewelry to fit an average size. This is important for bracelets in particular. Depending on the wearer, we offer two standard sizes, a 7.5 and an 8, and those sizes tend to work well for many of our customers. We also develop many of our styles to be adjusted by the customer. Since we guarantee the fit of our products, any size adjustments are covered in the purchased price of your piece.

Construction Guaranteed

We build things to last. We build and design in a way that people did 50 to 100 years ago, really paying attention to the detail of each connection and looking at where materials are best suited to go. We design not just for beauty for durability to stand test of time and be able to be worn for many years and pass down to further generations.

With each of our pieces we guarantee our workmanship. If your piece ever breaks, we will repair it free of charge. That includes us paying for the shipping to our workshop and shipping it back to you. This covers fit, function and construction.*

*Does not cover stains or exposure to chemicals

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